Download Lucky Patcher App for IOS – Get Free in App Purchases!

The most popular app, Lucky Patcher was designed for Android phones to free the users from the annoying ads and to help them to complete in-app purchases for free. But because of the huge benefits that Lucky Patcher is giving to its users, the app has raised it demanded in other platforms like iOS. If you want to Download Lucky Patcher App for iPhone then luckily you have landed in the correct place. Here in this article, I will tell you the ways how to download it in your iPhones and also the benefits of this app.

Download Lucky Patcher for IOS:


The features of Lucky Patcher:

There are many brilliant features which Lucky Patcher offers to its users; the free in-app purchases rule the list. Let us know about the other features that Lucky Patcher has stored within itself that will enable you to say goodbye to the annoying apps with which you must have had frequent interaction.

You can use the paid apps for free by removing the license verification connected to it. You can do in-app purchase in a paid app for absolutely free of cost. The ‘Custom Patch’ feature present in the app enables you to get all the premium version of the app in the actual free app.

In short, Lucky Patcher allows you to have everything for free that would have cost you money. So, I see no reason is there to neglect this app and why to think twice before getting the app.

Many of the Android users have already enjoyed benefitted them from the features of Lucky Patcher, and now it’s time for you to enjoy those benefits! Now, follow the steps that I have described in the next section to download the app successfully on iOS Devices.

Some steps to follow to get Lucky Patcher:


To download Lucky patcher without facing hurdles, you must have an app that allows you to use third party app on your iOS device; the iPadian app is the perfect app for such a situation.

Let me now tell you how you can use Lucky Patcher app on your device by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Download and install the iPadian app on the IOS system.

Step 2: Open the iPadian app after it is installed on your iOS device.

Step 3: Open the app store present in it and then in the search box type ‘Lucky Patcher’ and click on search and done.

Step 4: Click on the Lucky Patcher icon that you can see in the search result. Before selecting that just makes yourself familiar with the Lucky Patcher icon.

Step 5: The app details will be shown in, then just click on the box that says ‘Install’ and wait for the app to get downloaded in your system and install it on the iOS device.

If you are still unable to get Lucky Patcher for your smart device, then perhaps you have to do a jailbreak as that is the only way because you will need Cydia Installing on your iPhone/iPad.


If you don’t want to jailbreak your device, not a problem because you can always use the alternative apps of Lucky Patcher for iPhones to get more or less the same benefits like Local AppStore, Freedom APK, and iAP Cracker.

IOS has a very high profile tough security system, and in that, it might be a bit difficult for you to use Lucky Patcher in the device without jailbreak, but what is the harm in trying? If you are in luck, you might just be able to access all the paid stuff for free. But my friends be careful, there is no guarantee of it.

So, here I told you all the tactics that you can use to have lucky patcher on you IOS system. I tried me all the levels to tell you about it but be careful friends as I have I already mentioned that the security of the iPhones is very high, so while working for this you need to be very precautious. If you feel that yes you want to go for it then follow these simple steps and go for glory, all the very best from my side.

Lucky Patcher Download – How to Install Lucky Patcher App Free

Have you ever heard about Lucky Patcher? Well, then let me tell you about Lucky patcher is a very useful app because of its handy features. Today in this detailed article you are going to learn about Lucky Patcher and its features. Here you are also going learn about how to Lucky Patcher Download on your Android device. So, keep reading till the last line.

Lucky Patcher Download:


What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is one of the best apps for all the Android users with lots of useful features; here you can control the permissions of the apps while installing different apps on your Android phones. You can also remove undesirable ads which you don’t like. Lucky Patcher iOS also creates backups of your files as well.

This app provides the users some features which do not adhere to Google Play store policies. This is the reason why Lucky patcher is not available to download in Google Play Store. So, be careful while using this app. However, to enjoy some premium features of apps you must download this app for your smartphone.

Things to know about Lucky Patcher:

  • In order to use this app features properly, you will need to root your device.
  • This app can remove license verification.
  • It can restore games and apps.
  • This app can remove ads from Android apps and games.
  • Lucky Patcher can bypass free trials and unlock premium features.
  • This app can modify permissions of certain apps.
  • You can backup your apps and games which you have downloaded on your Android smartphone.
  • In this app many different useful instruments are available.

Steps to Download Lucky Patcher App:

This is a reliable app, and there are millions of Android users who are using this app and there is such news of hacking or anything. But again a small request to the users, that before you start to download and install Lucky Patcher App, you should backup your important data from your device because prevention is always better than cure, therefore I advice you to prepare a full backup of your main data in a separate storage.

How to download Lucky Patcher app:


#Step No. 1

There are many sites available from where you can download your free APK files. Just search with the term “Lucky Patcher APK” and download from any reliable site. Please make sure the site from where you are downloading the apk file is reliable because there are many fake sites who are providing users ads and duplicate apps which will ultimately harm your smartphone.

#Step No. 2

After downloading the apk file click there and install the app. You will see an icon on your home screen once you installed Lucky Patcher successfully. Remember that Lucky Patcher App won’t work unless your device is rooted so the grant root access will be required for you to open the app.

#Step No. 3

You can make the apps so much use once you root your Android device and also unlock premium features. Please keep in mind that, If your smartphone has a low RAM then you will notice a slow response from this app, so just be kind and wait for the app respond.

To enjoy the Lucky Patcher App in a flow, you should download this app your device which has 2GB of RAM. Many people are scared to use this app because it is necessary to root your device, so to bypass the rooting process, basically rooting process is easy but if you don’t know the exact rooting process then you should watch any YouTube video of “how to root an android phone” or read any guide.

Procedure to use Lucky Patcher:

It is very easy to download and installed Lucky Patcher App; similarly, it is very easy to use this app. For using the Lucky Patcher app you can follow these few steps and enjoy its features which include removing license of apps on your Android device:

  • Open the app from your menu.
  • List of all the apps will be shown on the app that has installed on your device.
  • Choose the app that you wanted to remove License permissions.
  • Here you need to open the menu of patches and choose license verification and then click to “Auto Modes”.
  • Tap on apply once you are done; this is how license permission should be taking care.

Here are few more steps to remove ads from different apps:

  • First of all, to remove the license of the app, you need to follow the above mention steps to remove the license permission.
  • Here tap on the Open Menu of patches and from the menu, choose Remove Google Ads and now a patch to remove.
  • Enter on the Apply Button and now you can enjoy Ad free app.

Lucky Patcher App is one of the most valuable and amazing App. This will help you to enjoy your Android device better if you use in a right way because you can remove the ads, bypass premium features, and also remove license verification. I hope you have enjoyed a lot by reading this article. Do let me what do you think about Lucky Patcher and also share this article in your social networking timelines.